Signature Soleil Toujours Cabana Spa Treatments launch at the world’s only 7 Star resort, The Burj Al Arab.


The Burj Al Arab is not just a hotel, it is a centerpiece of Dubai. Boasting 202 bedroom suites and a ratio of 8 members of staff for one suite, you are sure to experience the very best of hospitality.  It took 3 years to reclaim the land from the sea in a feat of engineering never before seen. The building was designed to look like the sail of a dhow ship.  The hotel holds many events throughout the year, from tennis matches to supercar launches.  The helipad was once turned into a tennis court to host Andre Agassi and Roger Federer for a one off match between the two legends.

However the 305 meters in height, the artificial Island and helipads turning into tennis courts was just not enough for the tallest hotel in world.  The Burj decided to create a new tailor made Scandinavian deck fanning out into the Persian Gulf which would hold two swimming pools, 32 cabanas, 400 sun loungers and more.  The deck was constructed in a shipyard in Finland weighing over five thousand tons, and was was transported to Dubai via ship in six sections.  One of the pools is fresh water and the other is salt water, giving guests the luxury to choose from what type of water to swim in.  The team at the Jumeriah really know how to make hospitality their own. Soleil Toujours is proud to be partnering with The Burj Al Arab and will be offering three signature spa treatments at the pool-side cabanas to make the guests sunny experience all the more magnificent.


The first is a Soleil Toujours Environmental Defense Body Massage Treatment, a 55 Minutes long massage with our new mineral sunscreen SPF 30 lotion and our mineral SPF 20 face moisturiser (the client can at this point also chose to use our Detox and Restore Cleansing Oil) and finishing of with our Après Soleil Exotic body shimmer to leave your skin soothed and radiant.


The second is a Soleil Toujours Age-Defying Sculpting Facial with UV Damage Repair Protection, a 45 minute facial in which the client is a facial sculpting massage, is applied with cold stones, cleansed, and applied with our Anti-aging Power Serum and the Soleil Toujours 100% mineral Eye Glow SPF 15.

Third, a guest can end their day with the Soleil Toujours Après Soleil Body Cool, Soothe and Glow Treatment.  This 55 minute treatment encourages skin’s recovery from excessive sun first by calming stressed skin with the Soleil Toujours Organic Aloe Antioxidant Cooling Mist and cold stone therapy.  Followed by nourishing the skin with the Après Soleil Exotic Shimmer Oil, essential oil-infused dry body oil that rebalances sluggish cells, leaving skin hydrated, supple, re-energized and glowing with a hint of shimmer.

On an environmental note and in keeping with Soleil Toujours’ commitment to safeguarding the world’s coral, the new swimming pool’s structure provides much needed shade for sea life and has its very own reef that will help populate the waters whilst providing shelter for many exotic creatures.  So if you happen to  be passing through Dubai on business or for pleasure, make sure you swing by The Burj and indulge in the Soleil Toujours experience of a lifetime in the closest hotel to the sun.


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